Articles Worth Reading


Evaluating Our Parenting Styles

Facing  the many Challenges of Going to College

Destructive Parenting Habits we must replace

How We Talk To Our Kids About Time Alone With God

How to Talk to your Kids about Gender Identity

Societal Questions about the Transgender Issue

The Medical Side of the Transgender Issue

On Doofus Dads in Media

The FLEE Strategy for helping your kids with sexual purity.

X-Men and Darwinian Ethics

Athletes and Drinking

Turn Excuses into Action

C. S. Lewis and the Art of Conversation

Teaching Kids about Spiritual Warfare

The relationship of religion and sexual fulfillment

A Review of a New Book About Same Sex Marriage

Surprising benefits of giving money away

50 Shades and the Female Heart

On Christians and Drinking

One of the best Articles I’ve ever read on BMI and body image.a>

On Christian organizations hiring openly homosexual couples.

On Teens and alcohol, drugs, and smoking.




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