What’s Going On @ SBCstudents

August 23 Back to School Splash (Water Park)

August 30 Overflow Kickoff

September 10 Worship Arts Kickoff

September 15 Feed the Badgers (3pm in the Student Building)

September 27 SYATP (7am @ Schools, 6pm @ FUMC) 

October 11 Fields of Faith (5:30 @ Badger Stadium)

October 25 Lotta

October 29 No Worship Arts (Night of Worship WC)

November 3-5 FALL RETREAT- $55 (Camp Bear Track)

November 5 OCC Packing Party (Student Building)

November 22 No Overflow (Thanksgiving)

December 10 Worship Arts Sunday/ChristGiving

December 13 Overflow Christmas

January 7 Worship Arts Resumes

January 10 Leaders Only Night

January 17 Overflow Resumes

March 16-21 Spring Break Mission- $30 (Mission East Austin)

April 13-14 OPEN & COMMITTED $30/family (Parent/Student Weekend)

May 6 Worship Arts Sunday am/Worship Arts Show, 6pm

May 9 Last Overflow

June 3-7 VBS


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