Devotional Thought

WEEK 5- DEVO #2: Rachel Dawson
JOHN 8:48-59

Pride. It’s a feeling people have struggled with from the beginning. It’s
an idea that we are better, above or greater than someone of the same kind. It makes us boast, gloat and shout our honorable deeds at the top of our lungs.

Who better to tell of all the things he has done than Jesus? In today’s passage, he does the exact opposite. Read verse 50. That is so powerful. Jesus, the SON OF GOD, does not seek his own glory. Read verse 54. Woah. Jesus said that if he, THE SON OF GOD, glorifies himself it is NOTHING.

Jesus understands the hurtful action of pride, not only against those around him, but against God the Father. Jesus knew that God is the one who should receive all of the glory and He should give the glory where He sees fit.

Many times in life we are prideful about things we do, and we can learn from Jesus, THE SON OF GOD, that the Father deserves all of our glory.
So ask yourself today:

+What am I prideful in that I need to give God the glory?

+How can I give God the glory through it?

God, today help me to give you all the glory. May everything I say, do, and think honor and glorify you. Take away my prideful human nature and replace it with love for You. Amen.


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