Good Things, Bad Things

WEEK 5- DEVO #3: JOHN 9:1-12 By Rachel Dawson
“Good things happen to bad people; bad things happen to good people.”

This is a saying I have heard my whole life. Sometimes I wonder why bad things happen in my life, but then I read John 9:3. “Jesus answered, ‘It was not that this man sinned, or his parents, but that the works of God might be displayed in him.’”

We live in a fallen and broken world. When sin entered the world in Genesis 3, so did pain, suffering, and loss. This is not because God does not love us; instead, bad things happen because we are sinners. In this passage, Jesus is clearing up muddy water for his followers. In that day, people thought that if you were sick it was because you sinned. His answer is simple. He is not blind because he sinned, but instead he was blind for this exact moment: so that right now God would be glorified through his healing.

Today, let God heal whatever pain you have, so that He can be glorified. God works through sinful people in order to make His beautiful perfect love known. Choose to give God your pain and sin today, so that He can heal you.

+What pain, suffering and heartache do you need to give to God? 

Lord, today I pray that you take away my pain and use it for your glory. Father, please heal my broken heart with your perfect love. God, may my life and all my suffering be to glorify you. Amen. 


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