Devos for You


Free to people who attend Second Baptist, this one app is your one-stop location for devos for men, women, families, and teenagers! It even includes the Essential Connection, which may be the best teen devo option available right now.

Download the app, sign on while you’re at SBC, and you will automatically join our group! Set your reminders and develop the habit of spending time with God each day.


Good News About Marriage!

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Would you believe that the divorce rate has never gotten near 50%?

Would you believe that the divorce rate plummets with something as simple as church attendance?

Would you believe that a HUGE majority of marriages are happy?

Would you believe that divorce is not the biggest threat to marriage?

Shaunti Feldhahn is a Harvard-trained social researcher, popular speaker, and best-selling author of For Women Only and other books with sales of more than two million copies in 22 languages. Here’s a link to get your copy of this great and encouraging book!

Porn and Men


This series of articles highlights the scientific and psychological issues related to porn addiction and ends with a good article about how to quit. Though they mention the faith aspect, they don’t adequately describe the importance of confession, repentance, and the restoration available through our growing relationship with Christ. But from a (mostly) secular perspective, this is all quite good.

The first in a series on the effects of Porn on men

Men and Porn 2

The Pitfalls of Porn

How to Quit Porn

Youth Culture and Parenting


Want to keep up with current cultural trends? Wonder what’s up with that new movie? Want to know what your kids are listening to, and how to talk with them about it from a Christian perspective? Here’s your resource.

Youth Culture expert Walt Mueller has been studying this topic for decades, and will help you process culture and give you the tools to help your teenager navigate well.

Articles Worth Reading


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Destructive Parenting Habits we must replace

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Societal Questions about the Transgender Issue

The Medical Side of the Transgender Issue

On Doofus Dads in Media

The FLEE Strategy for helping your kids with sexual purity.

X-Men and Darwinian Ethics

Athletes and Drinking

Turn Excuses into Action

C. S. Lewis and the Art of Conversation

Teaching Kids about Spiritual Warfare

The relationship of religion and sexual fulfillment

A Review of a New Book About Same Sex Marriage

Surprising benefits of giving money away

50 Shades and the Female Heart

On Christians and Drinking

One of the best Articles I’ve ever read on BMI and body image.a>

On Christian organizations hiring openly homosexual couples.

On Teens and alcohol, drugs, and smoking.