Family Conference!

We had a GREAT weekend together with Dr. Ross and Jonathan & Emily Martin! Click Here for the facebook live video!

Look for our next opportunity to connect with our kids to pass faith from one generation to the next!

APRIL 13-14, 2018

The road to understanding between parents and teenage kids, to gaining a mutual respect and trust, runs through developing a heart connection that opens up deeper communication. Through three sessions Dr. Ross and Jonathan and Emily Martin will lead us into deeper heart connections with our preteen/teen kids.

Session 1: Parents Only- Parenting with Kingdom Purpose (Students at Arkadelphia Rec Center) Friday 6pm
Session 2: Students Only- Don’t. Freak. Out. (Parent Coffee Date) Saturday 9am
Session 3: All Together- Developing a Heart Connection. Saturday 1pm




Sunday Nights at 2nd!

We’ll start with band and choir, share dinner together, and break into tracks! Here’s what we have to offer this year:

Dance: Gracie Hampton
Drama: AJ Valdez
Bible Drill: Holli Barger
Worship Band: Amber Morrison
Worship Tech: Seth Caraway
Canvas Art: Rachel Dawson
Leadership: Kord Offenbacker
Manly Arts: Keith Ford

Doors open at 5:15, drop off at the Worship Center pull-through and come straight to the WC Choir room!

This Week In OVERFLOW!

BIG IDEA: It is healthy and good for us to pray for justice and for appropriate action against perpetrators of injustice.

MEMORY VERSE: Our Scripture memory will be in Psalm 119 this semester, each DGroup will work their way through the Psalm together.

God is the only one qualified to judge those who are wicked
God is the only one qualified to bring consequences on those who are wicked
The righteous rejoice in justice and pray for true justice to be served in all circumstances
The goal of justice is the glory of God

READING PLAN: Psalms & Proverbs

Thursday- Proverbs 19, Psalms 91-95
Friday- Proverbs 20, Psalm 96-100
Saturday- Proverbs 21, Psalms 101-105
Sunday- Proverbs 22, Psalm 106-110
Monday- Proverbs 23, Psalms 111-115
Tuesday- Proverbs 24, Psalms 116-118
Wednesday- Proverbs 25

The word of God is living and active… Let it soak into your life!

What’s Going On @ SBCstudents

August 23 Back to School Splash (Water Park)

August 30 Overflow Kickoff

September 10 Worship Arts Kickoff

September 15 Feed the Badgers (3pm in the Student Building)

September 27 SYATP (7am @ Schools, 6pm @ FUMC) 

October 11 Fields of Faith (5:30 @ Badger Stadium)

October 25 Lotta

October 29 No Worship Arts (Night of Worship WC)

November 3-5 FALL RETREAT- $55 (Camp Bear Track)

November 5 OCC Packing Party (Student Building)

November 22 No Overflow (Thanksgiving)

December 10 Worship Arts Sunday/ChristGiving

December 13 Overflow Christmas

January 7 Worship Arts Resumes

January 10 Leaders Only Night

January 17 Overflow Resumes

March 16-21 Spring Break Mission- $30 (Mission East Austin)

April 13-14 OPEN & COMMITTED $30/family (Parent/Student Weekend)

May 6 Worship Arts Sunday am/Worship Arts Show, 6pm

May 9 Last Overflow

June 3-7 VBS