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December 4- Worship Arts in Morning Worship

December 7- Overflow Christmas (Final Overflow of Fall Semester)

January 11- Leaders Only Night

January 18- Overflow Spring Kickoff

January 22- Movie Night @ SBC

January 27-29- Winter Weekend ’17

February 5- Football/Futbol Party

March 17-22- Spring Break Mission

May 21- Senior Sunday

June 25-July 1- X-Fuge Beach Camp


Parent Challenge ’16-’17

Parent Challenge.jpg

Try this:
Purchase a book and a journal for your teenager. Any old notebook or journal will do.

For Girls: Even More, by Rachel Lovingood & Jennifer Mills

For Guys: Checkpoints: A Tactical Guide to Manhood, by Brian Mills & Nathan Wagnon

Work through the book with your teenager, having nightly conversations about the content.

Carve out time each week to spend with your teenager over ice cream, pizza, in the car, shooting basketball, or just sitting in your living room. Make it just you and your teenager, talking about the content, answering questions, giving your own experiences, and passing on wisdom. Make it a priority and as special as you can.

They are each about 8 weeks long, and could be a great signpost experience for you and your kids!

Sunday Parent Pages

Gospel project pic

Click the link for each week’s conversation, then use the sheet to start a spiritual conversation with your kids!

November 13-tgp02v02s_u2s13_oneconversation

November 20-tgp02v03s_u1s1_oneconversation

November 27-tgp02v03s_u1s2_oneconversation

December 4-tgp02v03s_u1s3_oneconversation

December 11-tgp02v03s_u1s4_oneconversation

December 18-tgp02v03s_u1s5_oneconversation

December 25- No Sunday School

January 1-tgp02v03s_u1s6_oneconversation