What: Mission Trip to Arlington, TX to serve at Mission Arlington
Where: Arlington, TX
When: We’ll leave Friday, March 20 at 4pm and return Wednesday, March 25 around Noon
Why: To graciously serve so that we might share Christ’s love
Cost: Cost for the trip will only be $55. This goes toward the student’s meals, various activities, traveling expenses, and the sleeping accommodations for the week. Students also need to bring money for two fast food meals on the road.
How: Sign up before March 13 and pay $55. After March 13, $65. Students register on a first come first serve basis, we only have 25 spots available so sign up early to save yours!

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Are you confused or nervous about opening the conversation about sex with your teenager? What’s the big deal about porn? How should I react when my friend or my teenager’s friend comes out as gay or trans?
We’ve gathered experienced presenters and experts in the field to speak to these questions!

February 21-22, 2020 at Park Hill Baptist Arkadelphia
Parents and students 5th grade and up
Childcare available!
Regular Pricing- $35/Family until February 1
Late Pricing- $40/Family until February 21


Club Sweet Hill Study ’19-’20

Spring ’20- Love One Another

22- Large Group-
Love One Another- Jn 13
29- Small Groups- Be Devoted- Rom. 12

5- Small Groups- Accept- Rom. 15
12- Small Groups- Serve Through Love- Gal. 5
19- Large Group- Spur on to Good Deeds- Heb. 10
21-22- FamCon2020
29- Small Groups-
Speak Truth- Eph. 4

4- Small Groups-
Encourage- I Thess 5
11-Small Groups- Confess to/Pray for- Ja. 5
18- Large Groups- Regard as more important- Phil 2

1- Small Groups-
Be Hospitable- I Pet 4
8- Small Groups- Be Subject to- Eph 5
15- Small Groups- Bear Burdens- Gal 6
22- Small Groups- Encourage- Heb. 3
29- Large Group- Greet With Affection

6- Large Group- FINDING HOME
13- Family Worship Event

Avoiding Power Struggles at Home

Hello again!

Do you ever feel like there is a battle going on in your home over who is in charge? You? Or Your Teen?

Click here for a short video.

You are not alone, parents in our church and all around you are going through the same season of life, so don’t despair. This month’s online parenting class provides you some great guidance.

The power struggle that you and others go through during these years is a normal part of the maturing process, as parents work to balance responsibility with teaching.

There are simple ways to avoid the power struggle in your home:
1.) Give chances to build trust and learn from failure
2.) Set goals and expectations
3.) Make choices about priorities

Teens learn best when given power slowly and as they earn it. Take the opportunity this week to give your teen a new responsibility and power, and at the end of the week take some time to talk with them about how it went and what they learned.

Praying for you and your teen. If you need more hints and helps, let me know. I would love to talk to you more this week.